RICHMOND, Va. -- Washington Redskins quarterback Colt McCoy felt he had made the right decision, and he quickly moved on to the next play in practice. During a team meeting later in the day, he realized he should DeSean Jackson Jerseys have made a better decision, a point driven home through head coach Jay Gruden's sarcasm. It's a constant weapon, one that can make meetings more enjoyable -- for others.

For McCoy, it started with a play in which he's asked to pick a side, then make the throw. John Riggins Jerseys This time, the side he picked ended up being covered. Rather than reset, work his way back to the other side and find his running back, McCoy tossed the ball into the dirt.

"It wasn't a terrible decision," McCoy said. "But Jay was like, 'Hey, when did we install this?' Uh, Day 1. He goes, 'Um, is the halfback eligible?' I go, yeah. He says, 'OK, I'm just checking.'

"That's in front of the team. Yeah, I missed it and he certainly won't let that slide. Jordan Reed Jerseys Yeah, I know he's eligible. But I'll hit it next time."

That's the Gruden way: often getting his message across through humor or sarcasm. It's one reason receiver Terrelle Pryor called Gruden "funny as hell."

"I can't wait to get to meetings to hear him talk because he's just so funny," Pryor said. Kirk Cousins Jerseys "And, you know, you're tired, your legs are tired, but it's good to have a coach that's amused."

Gruden said it's not as if he makes a conscious effort to inject humor or sarcasm. It's just his style. He's not trying to be Chris Rock; he's just trying to make a point.

"It's just a gut feeling on what the situation is," Gruden said. Ryan Kerrigan Jerseys "Sometimes it's not humorous at all and you have to be serious and put out fires and eliminate those. But I don't need to be a hard-ass 24-7. It's good to get these guys light and let them play and have fun. But you still have to motivate them and get the most out of them.

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